Happy New Year from MyLife Personal Training

It’s the start of a New Year here at MyLife Personal Training, and of course it’s the perfect time to get started on those New Years Resolutions, particularly if your resolutions are fitness based!

A lot of people decide that they want to make a change in the New Year to their health and well-being, and exercise, healthy eating and sport make a huge difference not just to your physical fitness Рthey also have a hugely positive effect on your mental and emotional well-being too.

But with so many diets, exercise plans and advice out there, it can be hard to know what’s going to work for you – and this is where Personal Training comes in. Basically, personal training takes the guesswork out of getting fit or getting ready for an event.

An experienced trainer will talk to you about your goals, the time you have available, and what you do and don’t like doing. They can then put together a plan that’s realistic and achievable, and will also motivate you along the way. Here at MyLife Personal Training, helping people achieve their goals is something we pride ourselves on.

We also get approached by a lot of people who have signed up for an event such as a 10k run, a triathlon, a cycle sportive or similar. For some, it’s their first event and they aren’t sure how to prepare for it, for others who have competed before, they are looking to improve their personal best or get a competitive edge over the rest of the field.

At MyLife Personal Training, we have a lot of experience helping everyone from first-time eventers through to elite athletes and World Champions, so whatever your event, level, or goal, we can help. We have particular experience in Running, Triathlon, Cycling and Golf, with many of the MyLife Personal Training Team regularly competing and participating in events and races.

If you are time-poor and can’t commit to regular one-to-one personal training sessions, then our Online Training program might be perfect for you. You’ll still have a consultation with a member of the team, then you’ll get an online plan, online support resources and of course online contact with your trainer for regular updates, feedback, advice and more.

So whatever you want to achieve in 2015, MyLife Personal Training can help. Contact us to find out more about our services, prices, and to make an appointment.

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