MyLife Personal Training are proud to have helped hundreds of people achieve their sporting goal. Whether it’s an elite athlete, a first-time triathlete, or someone who just wants to improve their fitness, we value each and every client, and are dedicated to using our skills and experience to helping them progress.

These are just a selection of the feedbacks comments and testimonials we’ve received.


“Andy is a goal-oriented coach who got me in the best physical shape possible for the challenges I threw at him. Straight off the back of a grueling endurance mountain bike season he prepared me for a 6 day adventure race, including running, kayaking, mtbing and climbing. My training was perfectly pitched and I went into that race the best prepared I have ever been. Andy’s experience in his own athletic career meant his advice was gained through hard-won experience and that showed through my results.” 

Fiona Spotswood


“I was a desk-bound office worker losing the ability to use the stairs. A few sessions with Chris sorted that out. Chris provided perfectly timed challenges and motivation; his understanding of exercise and a healthy food regime have achieved the results I greatly needed and was truly after. I would strongly recommend Chris to anyone who wants to get back to shape or lose weight.”

Nic Graves

“I have been coached by Andy for 6 years. People used to laugh when I said I would one day be in the World Championships, but they are not laughing now after I have competed in the Mountain Bike championships in 2007 and 2008! Andy has advised me on what to do on a daily basis so we can make changes to my training depending on how I feel each day. My training has involved not just being on the bike but also home and gym based exercies to help maximise my power and avoid injuries. Andy is able to get the best out of me and I just keep on getting better and better.”

Will Bjergfelt, World Cup Mountain Biker

” Since starting my training I have gone from being able to run 400 yards to be able to run a half marathon in under 1 hour 45 mins, my golf has improved, I am playing better squash and my children get great quality time. My energy levels are endless much to the pleasure of my wife. The personal touch and dedication you will experience will always result in success. These guys go the extra mile with you!

Since training with My Life Personal Training not only have I improved my financial situation through increased success, I have also stopped smoking. If you keep on doing what you have always done you are guaranteed the same result! “

Martin Lax, Corporate Training Client


“Running the Bristol half marathon was such a hard thing to do. I almost cried at the end it was that hard. I pushed myself, and achieved something I’d only dreamed of, a sub 2hr half marathon. After completing the half marathon I wanted another, yet different challenge. So I climbed Kilimanjaro. This took 4 days. I am waiting to decide what my next challenge shall be”.


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